The launch of our first silver collection and a much delayed 'Hello' from me.


I’m Brooke, I’m the real life gal behind Night Time Holiday. I have a habit of keeping myself separated from the brand, I’m introverted and always absolutely certain that nobody is interested. However, I felt it was time to be a little more personal and allow for Night Time Holiday’s customers to know who is behind their products, who’s emailing them using too many exclamation marks, and who they are connecting with through the internet. So I spent the morning with Helen Johnson, the photographer behind that stunning Bali series. Ditching my comfort zone, giving up control of the camera and plonking myself in front of it instead.

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So, this is me. I’m 22, I graduated this year from Chelsea College of Arts with a Fine Art BA. Night Time Holiday was started in the summer before my final year with the only goal of creating a little bit of interest around the brand and name, a seed planted for the future which very quickly became the present. I didn’t expect to be able to call this my job so soon but when I graduated and moved back home to Grimsby it seemed safe, but ridiculous not to jump straight in. We continue to evolve and with each collection the brand grows up and becomes more refined, but that doesn’t have to mean we become too serious.

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The Dot to Dot Arch


For years before NTH started I wanted to create silver jewellery but never seriously thought I would. I started my own collection with a little silver moonstone ring from an art gallery in Beverley made my Joy Berkin. It was gifted to me by my boyfriend, and it was the first time I completely cherished a piece of jewellery. I’m not very materialistic, 90% of my wardrobe is charity shop and vintage, but I quickly fell in love with silver jewellery and invest so much emotion (too much) into pieces that I received as gifts. They all mark very important parts in my life and hold their own meanings, acting as reminders when I need them. I feel that every time I have a new piece they give me a little more power, and I am adamant that if I don’t wear each and every piece then all of the luck I’ve had since receiving that first ring, will stop.

All of this I know is ridiculous. I’m aware that we make our own luck, I’m aware that I shouldn’t give away my credit to silver moons, and I’m not trying to sell you superstitions. Part of creating Night Time Holiday was to make myself chill out a bit more and have fun with jewellery, but I do want to start creating pieces that are seriously life long lasting and something you can cherish at the same time.

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The Wave Machine Arch

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The Subtle-Smooth Arch


The launch of our first silver collection seems like a completely natural next step for the brand and  I can’t wait to expand the possibilities for Night Time Holiday. For now, we have a tiny selection of three arch designs: The Subtle-Smooth arch, the Dot to Dot arch, and the Wave Machine arch. Each one is designed to suit varying personal styles and each add something different. Every piece is hand cut and shaped in 925 Sterling Silver by me. As of today and until 3rd December you can pre-order the collection for delivery mid December.

I want to thank everybody who supports Night Time Holiday, from your likes, comments and shares that help others find us, to each and every purchase.

I’m super excited for this next big step and our little collection.

I hope you love them for a lifetime.



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Photography: Helen Johnson

brooke robson