Sunbeams, Half-Moons, Clouds and Fist Bumps.

To kick off the beginning of this year full of ‘next steps’ and so on, I wanted to create a small collection of symbols and shapes that are simple yet statement, and carry the design ethos of Night Time Holiday, without the safety net of colour and pattern. The Sunbeam, Half-Moon and Cloud rings are something I’ve personally always wanted, and I haven’t taken the Cloud off since I made it. They’re solid silver, and I mean chunky and weighty, solid silver. Made with a 2mm thick, 6mm wide band to give a quality signet ring feel. They have organic markings and a shiny finish and can be partnered with their sisters or worn solo.

The matching studs and necklace charms are also available. Necklaces are available on either a lovely slinky thin chain or a chunkier chain for extra boldness (both in either 16 or 18inches).

Finally, to have a long running idea finally in physical form is so exciting. My take on the classic friendship bracelet, just in time for valentines is the Fist Bump bracelet. For all of the lovers and friends who aren’t as into lovey-dovey symbolic pieces, this is a little bit of fun in a special solid silver form. Hand carved in wax and cast in sterling silver, the fist bump comes on a chunky chain in either 6.5, 7, 7.5 or 8 inches.

Anyway, I used the entire launch as an excuse to go back to London, catch up with friends and live out my artificial flower dreams. I shot on the sunniest day on 35mm film and took total advantage of the simplicity of silver to style them with serious colour. So, whether you’re a day dreamer, a night sky lover, a PDA hater or just here to be nosey, see the bundle of images below, get some styling ideas and take in the small hope of spring sunshine on the horizon.

Scan 82.jpeg
Scan 77.jpeg

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Model: Sarah Entwistle

Photography: Brooke Robson

brooke robson