Night Time Holiday on Film - Leanne Surfleet

Leanne Surfleet’s style is so unique and dreamy, it only felt right to have her included in the Night Time Holiday on Film Series, and particularly fitting to shoot the Silver Dreamer Collection. Her work has such a personal feel, something I’ve always loved about film photography. Even though Leanne was photographing a product, they still feel like so much more, like works of art.

Leanne is a photographer based in Norwich, with years of experience with exhibitions, publications, and editorial work. Something clear from her portfolio, is that she has found her style and stuck to it, mostly working with analogue and instant film cameras.

“It just feels natural for me to shoot film now, even though it can be expensive its always worth it. I love its unpredictable nature, and being able to experiment and try different processes and just see what happens with it. For me its so much more genuine and exciting than digital. When I would shoot digital I'd always be looking at the images I shot and try to make them better and it felt really ingenuine to me. If an image is meant to be it will be, and I love that feeling of processing and scanning your own work and seeing that one image that makes all the mistakes worthwhile.”

I sent Leanne a few of our chunky arches along with our Silver Dreamer Collection, and she shot them with her friends in the evening sunset on instant and 35mm film.


To see more of Leanne’s work, support her work and buy a print or book, see her website.

Or follow her pages on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you Leanne for allowing Night Time Holiday to be a part of your beautiful work!

brooke robson