Night Time Holiday is a small independent jewellery brand founded by me, Brooke Robson. The brand has grown from my love for colour, fun and personality within style. All Night Time Holiday jewellery is handmade from start to finish by one pair of hands in my home studio in Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

I started Night Time Holiday with a focus on bold and colourful polymer clay earrings. I hand blend my own colours to fit my own dream colour palette that has famously formed Night Time Holidays identity. The light weight clay and sterling silver backs make the earrings super comfortable, so you can wear them all day without getting any achey or green lobes. I now also offer a growing range of handcrafted silver and beaded jewellery. Most of my designs are created after a long process of gathering inspiration from places like vintage magazines, books and thrift shops and then sketched and eventually brought to life in my cabin studio. Others can be results of a total experimental fluke.

I’ve had the total pleasure of creating jewellery to be stocked with stores such as Sezane, and The Design Museum Shop, and have been featured in publications such as British Vogue, Stylist and Sunday Times Style among others.

I am constantly striving to create jewellery that is unique, well made and long lasting so that you can cherish your items year after year.

the name

The phrase ‘Night Time Holiday’ was an outcome of a conversation between myself and my best friends when we were sixteen years old. At the time, it was a reference to the freedom we would have to come, when we had left school and could drive and didn’t have to rely on busses that stopped at 6:30pm or parents for lifts. We could go on adventures at night times in our cars and sit in Cleethorpes McDonalds car park in the dark eating 99p mcflurries. The term has always stuck with us and always reminds me of our wide eyed outlook at the lives we have ahead of us, the excitement of the unknown and to simply have fun. My goal with Night Time Holiday as a brand is to create jewellery that adds that fun to your wardrobe and lives, with illustrative prints, bold colours and shapes.

the maker

So I’m Brooke, I’m 28 and I graduated in 2018 from Chelsea College of Arts with a Fine Art BA. Night Time Holiday began on Etsy in the summer before my final year, living in a city that i couldn’t afford to live in and working for a waitressing agency. I had read online that a brand takes 3-5 years to make a living from, so I started, with the only goal of creating a little bit of interest around the brand and name. A seed planted for the ‘future’ which then quickly became my full time job, a fact I still pinch myself about daily.

I’m a lover of charity shops, interiors, vintage imagery, and of course food & really good beer. 

To keep up to date, see behind the scenes and process time lapses - follow along on instagram! 



the whippet

In early 2021 I welcomed to the team a whippet, Ralf. Ralf keeps me company in the studio, his job is to provide the laughs and cuddles and generally keep me sane whilst working and running a business solo. You can usually find him snoozing under my bench, pinching my tools and gnawing on the odd damaged earring box.