I work with sustainability at the forefront of my mind. I am constantly striving to learn and do better and there have been so many changes to the way I work and the materials I use to try and make Night Time Holiday as eco-friendly as possible. 

A mission of mine is getting rid of the ‘disposable’ aspect of costume jewellery by constantly working to make my products long lasting and improving the quality. Just because its fun and affordable, doesn’t make it ‘throwaway’. I use sterling silver backs so that they never go green and last years if cared for properly! In all clay jewellery orders, there will be a slip of instructions on how to care for them.

I’m also working to limit the waste created from scrap clay and offcuts and thats where the ‘waste not want not’ sale came in. I keep all of my colourful (and none colourful) scraps of clay and use them to create completely one off designs, and add them to a sale at the end of the month.

The waste created is already super minimal due to the way i work, but there are always little offcuts that need a place to go.

Broken earrings beyond repair can also be sent back to me to be turned back into a whole new piece of jewellery. Email : for the address to send to.

This A/W I also ditched seasonal collections, instead working on a core collection that embodies the brands identity and will be permanently available. I personally wear my clothes and accessories year after year, season after season, so it felt odd to have collections that lost ‘relevance’ after a few months. I’m hoping that this will encourage people to ditch the attitude of throwing items away after they’re no longer on trend, and instead buy pieces you love and will love for a long time!

I also use 100% plastic free packaging made from recycled and recyclable card and paper!

I use recycled silver wherever possible and am currently making the steps to make sure I use only recycled silver.